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What you should know about Night dive!

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I am a confessed night dive lover, if there is a buddy and possibilities I am always in for it.

The possibilities of exploring the dive site with a different spectrum, different marine life and with an unknown feeling is very appealing for me.

Being in neutral buoyancy in the dark controlling my torch and exploring every corner of the dive site is an unbelievable feeling.

If you never night dive and you are considering this adventure or just love it like me. Here I will give you a panorama and some considerations for being able to explore the dark side of the reef.

We will cover 3 topics about night diving.

- How to reach the night dive qualification
- Considerations on a Night Dive
- Special kinds of Night Dive. 

So let's start!

- How to start to night dive: 2 ways to get the night dive certification!

Once you are already a Open Water Diver you can start to dream about to explore the underwater world with a new spectrum. It's only posible to night dive when you are already a certified diver, so take step by step and climb the diving certifications.

1# Night Diving and Limited Visibility Course

At SSI you can become a night diver specialist enjoying and learning all the extra gear that you should be equipped to explore this experience. Also, would have academy theory explaining night/ limited visibility navigation, behavior and marine life making your experience even better. After, completing at least 2 dives you would reach the night/ limited visibility certification, being able to enjoy night dives any time in the future.

2# Advanced Adventure.

This recognition level/ course it's an excellent opportunity to expand your limits in diving without focus only one subjective. During this training you would complete 5 dives each one exploring one adventure, so choose night dive and start to explore the reefs after the sunset.

Remember, during any diving experience you should choose a responsible dive center and have a good feeling with the instructor, in the end of the day always safety first.

You can enroll both dive courses at Koh Tao, check it.

- Considerations on a night dive: 8 topics to think before jumping in the water:

- Buoyancy control:

This is a super important point in any diving activities but during the night the visual references are not as clear as during the day and you should be aware of your buoyancy control to protect the nature and yourself, since there are marine animals that can be sharp or even poison by the touch.

- Navigation in a night dive:

The lack of the visual references make it harder to navigate so keep your compass knowledge sharp and practice in every dive so when you hit a night dive you feel comfortable.

- Buddy System:

Keep the formation in all times, some divers say it's harder to get separated from the group during the night because you can keep an eye in your buddy torch, but also can be a dive that you are so focused on the marine life that is always a good call to keep a constant communication.

- Spare torch:

I would recommend to every diver to buy and own a spare torch since you don't wanna your dive being ruined for a low battery situation.

- Remember, I am always open to a conversation to guide you through the selection of your gear, so feel free to contact me and we will find the best selection for you. 

- Diving with Pura Vida Koh Tao, you will surely get discounts in a variety of shops on the island, just look for me at the shop and at the dive center and I will help you.

- Rechargeable battery:

For environment reasons this are the most eco-friendly choice and it will also make sense economy, once you don't need to be buying new ones after every couple of dives. Knowing I am one of the Salty Warriors embassador this is a really importante topic for me.

- Night Dive Plan consideration:

We want to have fun but it needs to be safe so remember if you already dived during the day thinks that you should plan the dives from deeper to shallow, so choose wisely your night dive site.

- Communication during night dive:

Once it's dark so hard to hands moving around and as divers we use hand signals to communicate underwater, now your torch/ flashlight will be part of this drill, so take it easy and check your buddy system hand communication during the briefing prior jumping in the water.

- Air Consumption during night dive.

Strange it's sound, but during night dives the air consumption get betters. The lack of visual distractions and possible shallow dives makes the air goes long, but don't relax here the buddy system and communication it's vital to keep it safe.

Check 10 tips to improve your air consumption.

- Special kinds of Night Dive: 2 different ways to explore!

Night diving sounds a pretty straight forward activities, you wait the sunset, get your gear on and enjoy with your buddy, but there are more than one possible way to be done, here I will list 2 other modalities that I am aware.

1# Night Dive with UV light:

I already witness and enjoy this experience, by the different light and spectrum you are able to see a totally different world underwater, the corals are florescent and you can see the tiny organisms drifting around you. This kind of dive is a great experience to witness crazy colors and an indescribable feeling.

2# Black Water Dives:

This a kind of diving it's fairly new but I would love to try. One of my colleagues from the Instructor Trainer Seminar, Julia, conduce this kind of activities in the Maldives and I found out about in her IG profile (@weliveunderwater). This is a special kind of night dive that take place miles offshore over deep oceanic water. Weighted down lines are then tied to the boat. Each diver is then attached to the down line via a shorter tagline. It's great to see small particles and strange animals coming up from the depth.

No matter which experience and the way you will choose to start night dive, the guarantee is the fun, so this kind of experience its worth the training and extra equipment. Encountering new species, having the dive site empty, the exploring feeling or even swimming with the plankton are amazing. I am always ready to see the sunset from the boat or from the beach and jump into the unknown hoping to have a great time.

Here at Pura Vida Diving Koh Tao we are lucky enough to be able to night dive every day since there is so many dive sites to explore and the weather in Koh Tao always permits.

There is always plenty to seeduringthe night diving experience and the marine life is so differentcomparingwith the day time.

So with nice, warm and clear water all year around, greatpossibilitiesand fantastic scenes. The night dive is a must-do experience on the island, so if you are around any time of the year or interested in the experience just let me know I can be your guide/ instructor for these adventures.


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