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Nature is giving us a call, let's keep the fight!

Actualizado: 30 de jun de 2020

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we as society have been slowing down or even stopping our pace of life and nature have been showing beautiful signs of recovery and hope. There is numerous stories of animals coming back to parks and returning for their habitat in higher numbers than in the past and those facts are inspiring.

So, here I will list some examples what it's happening in the Gulf of Thailand: #1 - After almost a decade sea turtles are nesting in Koh Samui, until 16th of June was reported more than 16 nests and 1000 eggs on the island. The area have been protected by the locals that indicate the nesting areas with bamboo fences and are vigilant around the beach.



#2 - Dolphins are spotted more often around KohTao.


#3 - Rare Pink dolphin were spotted around Koh PhanNgan.


#4 - Even Whale sharks are often around KohTao, it's always good news and indicate a health erenvironment to seen them in a more often basis. Here is a link of a KohTao group for Whale sharks sighting.


#5 - Eagle Rays swimming by Chumphon Pinnacle.


So, Nature is giving us a call that is possible to be more in equilibrium with the environment and this will bring hope for the present and future generations, so below you will find a list of personal changes from the Blue Oceans an SSI program that will help us to activated the change for a positive impact.


  • Commit to personally protect the environment

  • Prevent others from causing damage through positive action and motivation

  • Support useful projects and organizations dedicated to marine protection

  • If possible, collect garbage on your dives – but only if doing so does not cause more damage to the environment

  • If possible, cut hanging ropes and collect floating nets and plastics

  • Inform your buddy or the crew on the surface if you were not able to remove the net

  • Never eat shark fins, whale meat, turtle eggs, etc.

  • Report immediately violations of the ban on the use of marine animals as souvenirs


  • Never throw inorganic waste into the sea – Plastics decompose incredibly slowly

  • Minimize the production of garbage: Use reusable coffee mugs and lunch boxes, glass or metal bottles and shopping bags

  • Do not bring unnecessary packaging to the resort

  • Dispose of your waste in as eco-friendly a manner as possible

  • If you smoke, dispose of cigarette butts in the proper receptacle, not on the ground or in the water


  • Only use a swim-through if you can do so without touching anything

  • Don’t swim or snorkel too close to the reef

  • Don’t touch or break corals

  • Use labeled entrances/exits for the water

  • Don’t disturb the sand, since it reduces visibility and smothers corals

  • Don’t hunt or bother animals

  • Don’t touch animals unless properly trained

  • Don’t feed animals

  • Don’t take souvenirs from the sea - broken coral pieces or empty snail shells still serve as useful habitat

  • Only place a reef hook where it will not damage or disturb the reef

  • Do not disturb animals or habitat to improve your photo opportunity


  • Shower only as long as required to get clean, especially in areas with minimal ability to store/purify water

  • Wash your equipment in the provided container, and only when necessary – often it’s enough to clean equipment thoroughly at the end of the dive trip

  • Turn off the lights when you aren’t using them

  • Use alternative transportation or walk instead of driving

  • Avoid unnecessary waste - food plans and shopping lists help save you money, and prevent purchasing unnecessary food that may go to waste

You can also find and read the whole Blue Oceans program for free, getting more information about the issues, positive actions and possible changes.

So get inspired by nature and be part of the change and make the movement grown, fight for positive impacts.

Remember the fight is always on!


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