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Koh Tao during covid 19 crisis.

Actualizado: 13 de jul de 2020

Koh Tao, Surathani -Thailand, is an island that happily I can call home and the community is one of the strong pillars that makes this place stands out.

I always thought that people come here for the dive, but stays for the community. Now more than never I am sure about this.

During this difficult times and the last almost 2 months of lockdown, Koh Tao shows the best face and so many helping initiatives pops out to brings hope for the community.

Food distribution, clean-ups and even rent decreases are some exaples of what I witness here.

Here a video shows the last months.

Koh Tao response in community for the corona crisis.

Koh Tao also shows some humor to deal with the crisis. During police controls the authorities"punishes"and alert tourists and thai nationals for the importance of the mask in a fun way, suggesting push-ups and jump jacks for the ones without mask and this action get nationwide attention getting out in the news.


Koh Tao show humor during covid-19

Other great point is that We are back to dive, since the island had zero cases we were able to be one of the first regions nationwide to allows scuba diving activities. You can find the measures for the activitie in my last post, here.

Here our first dive as Pura Vida after the lockdown, by my friend and instructor Jose:

We're still enjoying the great visibility and amazing dives at the moment and after the 20th of may we will be able to share this with tourists and visitors from other areas of Thailand, since the island will be reopened for out comers. The ferry options still small so would be worth to check with travel agencies and plan ahead.

I feel so luck to be here and ride the crisis in a peaceful and calm place and I am looking forward to receiving you all at Pura Vida Dive Center to share some dives and beers.

If you need any information about Koh Tao and the dive here, I am happy to help.


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